ATTRACTIVE GAMES: - Bringing people together


We are passionate about making games for the masses. 

We want to make gorgeous games, fun games, quirky games, memorable, addictive games.  We want people to play one of our games and say, Wow, that was cool! Let's play that again!

The people at Attractive have been making games since 1994, at first at Probe Entertainment (Alien Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy), then as Coyote Developments.

As Coyote, we were well known for our ports and rescue projects. We have been fortunate to have been part of some really nice projects over the years: Jade Empire, Motorstorm, Vietcong, Reservoir Dogs, I-Ninja, Bionicle, Bratz, and PS3 Eyetoy, to name a few.

Most recently, we got to work on the next Driver game with Ubisoft Reflections: our art team created most of San Francisco, and our designers made up 1/3 of the design team creating missions.

When we got into Wii, we re-branded as Attractive Games, intent on  returning to our initial vision of making beautiful games that bring people together for social gaming.

Now, we are pushing out the envelope on design as we use our social gaming philosophy and Wii game development and Eye Toy design experience to position ourselves to take some strong new brand concepts onto 360 Natal and PS3 Move and into 3DS.